1. Scout Tufankjan has captured images from Derry protests to the Egyptian revolution and the Haitian earthquake but it is her coverage of Barack Obama presidential campaign and subsequent reelection that has brought her the most acclaim/re tweets. 


  2. Andy Warhol Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick

    The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long and you burned so very, very brightly …

  3. Tom Phillips takes the cut up techniques famed by the Dadaists, Burroughs and Bowie et al a stage further by framing these aleatoricism inspired poems within complex and colourful compositions. Throw images, collages and photographs into the systematic aesthetic to evoke emotion and memory and you’ll never look at a Kindle the same way ever again!!


  5. He stops, takes photographs and plays foosball … because you ain’t got time to! :)


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  6. He stops and takes photographs … because you ain’t got time to! :)


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  7. DJ Simpson's paintings are explorations/excavations of surface through material and process. The gestural gouges are a homage to abstract expressionism and Klee's 'walking lines' with a minimalist twang from fields of linear colour. These drawings through materials remind us of the beauty of art when sculpture meets craft, line and gestalt. 


  8. Emir Sehanovic - Zumra (2011) - collages out of old American Civil War portraits 

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  9. Kaput …?

    “My interest in art began by copying the painters of the Renaissance found in a book my mother gave me,” says Rupert Shrives.

    Shrives calls his work Post-Paintings which are reproductions of iconic works (Mondrian, Picasso, Warhol, Johns, etc…) executed in acrylic on brown paper then damaged, mistreated, and wrinkled.

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  10. JIm Skull has collated cultural elements from Australia, India and China to create his own favour of Oceania. His collection of skulls are vessels of mystical, textural and homages to icons of popular culture. 


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  11. Surfaces: desolate to course juxtaposed with graffiti and monkey.


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  12. So who is Merkley??? 

    Merkley is a fashion photographer and social visual archivist, capturing moments of celebrity, intimacy, subculture and pure excess. This documentation centres around faux lo-fi analog compositions of intense foci or symbolic asymmetry complemented with a luxurious palette and richness of colour.


  13. Gary Hume’s work stripped the portrait into a minimal form and compartmentalizes it into line, shape and colour. Working from a variety of secondary images realised in household and gloss paint Hume


  14. John Stezaker works with ready made iconography that have been influenced by surrealism to create striking juxtapositions between the figure/portrait, landscape and topography. His collage based…

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